Monday, December 19, 2011

German 1 Cent Euro Coin Pendant

German One Cent Euro Coin Pendant Mounted in 14 kt Gold Filled Bezel $25.00

* Euro coins have a common reverse and country-specific (national) obverse.
* The obverse (national) side depicts the oak twig, reminiscent of that found on the current German pfennig coins. 
* The reverse side (common) depicts a globe on the bottom with six fine lines leading to stars on each side of the globe representing the 12 member eurozone. 
* Denomination: 1 cent.
* Mint date: 2002 A 
* Coin weight, 2.30 g
* Diameter 16.25 mm
* Composition: Copper-covered steel 
* Coin is set in 14 kt gold filled bezel and 14 kt gold filled bail. 
* Necklace is 14 kt gold filled oval links and is 18 inches long. 
* Coin pendant is 1 1/4 inch long and about 3/4 inch wide.

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