Monday, November 23, 2015

What Does the South Rim Grand Canyon Look Like When Its 28F

It's April 2011 in the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, and the sun is not out. Have you ever seen the Grand Canyon through sleet and fog? Just the day before, the sun was out, temperature was about 53°F and I could see for miles of the Grand Canyon from the South Rim Trial. Overnight, temperature dropped to 28°F and there was snow and sleet, fog and mud. Sure was a different scene on this day.  I talked to a couple who had just come up from the bottom of the canyon. They had camped out over three days on the bottom and said it had gotten to 100°F and could not believe the change in temperature when they came back up.

The Grand Canyon formed by geologic process over millions of years is a unique combination of size, color, and spectacular erosional forms: 277 river miles long, up to 18 miles wide, and one mile deep. This canyon consists of a sequence of rock layers. The bottom of the canyon is referred to as the Basement rocks formed through high heat and pressure and turning into dark rocks. Molten rocks filled in the cracks becoming light bands of granite. Then over a long span of time, layer after layer of shale, sedimentary, and sandstone rocks formed producing what we see now. The river we see now was much bigger millions of years ago. The flow back then was as least 10 times today’s volume. As the river flows it cuts deep and into the sides of the canyon. This erosion is what forms the cliff and slopes of the canyon.

Below are some photos of the Grand Canyon in cold and sleet and also sunny and warm.

Grand Canyon in the fog. It was 28F degrees. Just the other day, the temperatures were in the 70's and the bottom of the canyon was near 100F degrees.

Bright Angel Trial - South Rim of Grand Canyon

Off the Bright Angel Trial, wet, slipper, and muddy. I went off the trial, not a good idea! Stick to the Bright Angel Trial, it is well maintained.

Grand Canyon Sunny and Warm

This gift shop is in the Grand Canyon Village. The native American jewelry is beautiful. The Navajo and Hope Indians are known for their inlay work with sterling silver.

We lodged in Cameron, Arizona, short trip to the Grand Canyon from this city. The city is located in the Navajo and Hope Indian Reservation. The Cameron Trading Post is located in Cameron. They have lodging, a restaurant, huge gift shop, and a gallery. Super friendly hosts, loved the place, highly recommend this. Rooms were clean and comfortable. Restaurant is excellent, great service and food. No alcohol is served or sold on Indian reservation land.

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