Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Large 1847 Cent Penny Braided Hair Pendant Coin Jewelry

Vintage Large Cent Penny 1847 coin pendant. The pendant size is 1.66 inch in length and 1.25 inch in width. Handcrafted bezel, 14kt gold filled. Corrugated fancy bail, 14 kt gold filled. Includes a 14 kt gold filled chain 19 inch necklace. Estimated grade of coin is Good.

Used Coin: Large Cent Braided Hair
Mint Year: 1847
Mintage: 6,183,669
Years Minted: 1839-1847
Estimated Grade: In my opinion, the estimated grade is Good.
Diameter: 27.5mm
Thickness: 2.39 mm
Composition: Bronze (Copper 95%, Tin and Zinc 5%)
Obverse: Female portrait left, date below, 13 stars surrounding. Lettering:
Reverse: Lettering: ONE CENT within wreath. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
Designer: Christain Gobrecht
Pendant size: 1.66 inch length. 1.25 width.
Necklace: 19 inch, adjustable to 18 inch. 14 kt gold filled.

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