Color Symbolism

What do the different colors represent? How are they used to evoke physical and emotional reactions? Color symbolism is the use of color to express tradition, customs, religious ideas, or emotions. Color is used in numerous applications in order to convey or evoke certain feelings. Color becomes an important component when painting interior or exterior walls, home furnishings, interior design, fashion, work attire, jewelry, advertising, and web design.

Color is a form of non-verbal communication expressing how you feel. For instance, its springtime, the sun is shining, everything going great; you wear something bright and cheery, like some pastel yellows, oranges, or greens to express how you feel.

Color can also create a physical reaction. It has been shown that when a person exposed to a red color it can raise blood pressure. Or color can be something cultural, white represents purity and is used for weddings here in the United States. In some countries, red is used for weddings and white is used for funerals.

You can use color to your advantage to express confidence, power, and sophistication. Choose the right color for your work attire and jewelry and you can dictate how you are perceived by others. You know the old saying, “dress for success”; well it’s true. When going for an interview, for a business type position, wear dark blue. Dark blue is associated with loyalty and trust. If you are interviewing for a construction job, well you have to wear the right attire for that type of position, you certainly are not going to wear a designer suit; most likely your attire will be a casual dress. Also, dressing properly for an interview shows that you have respect for the interviewer.

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