Blue Jewelry

The Color Blue

Appearance does help quite a bit for interviews. Wearing blue to an interview gives you a good chance of landing a job. Why would that be? Blue is deemed as conservative and is associated with loyalty and trust. That is why many companies use blue in their logos.

Blue is a natural color; the color of the sky. Blue is calming. It can be steadfast and strong and also light and friendly. Blue is a good color for bedrooms and can help you sleep. In many cultures, blue is believed to keep the bad spirits away and bring peace. Blue is associated with protection.

How to wear blue:

Blue is a corporate color and the color of many uniforms such as the uniforms of police officers. It conveys importance, confidence, intelligence, conservatism, stability, trust, authority, and loyalty. Layer your outfits with light and dark shades of blue for a conservative and sophisticated look. Layer by adding a light blue necklace and earring set with your darker blue work outfit.

Darker pink accessories can add a little femininity to your blue outfit. Or add some neutral warm colors such as a soft yellow to add a cheerful spirit to your outfit. Green accessories work well with blue, such as a medium to dark green, adding an earthy palette to your outfit. Green signifies good health and growth. Combine blue and purple and you convey stability, calmness, and trust and the spiritual and mystical qualities of purple. If you are wearing the pastel colored blues for summer, combine it with pale yellow and pink accessories for a spring/summery look.

Other words for blue:

Cobalt, royal, sapphire, ocean, sky blue, turquoise, slate, steel blue, baby blue, corporate blue, indigo, midnight blue, navy, robin egg blue, azure, cornflower blue, cerulean, Prussian blue.

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