Brown and Beige Jewelry

The Color Brown

The color of brown is a neutral, down-to-earth color. A deep brown color is often used to replace the color black for work attire. Brown is a warm color, stimulates the appetite, and represents wholesomeness and earthiness. It is a common color in nature.

Brown also represents trustworthiness, reliability, and friendliness. For instance, the company UPS (United Postal Service) has built their business around the positive image that the color brown conveys.

How to wear to work? Brown colored clothing is considered more casual than black and is mostly worn both fall and winter. Although dark brown outfits may be considered dull, it is made brighter by useing lighter shades of brown accessories, like a tan, taupe, cream, or beige colors. Using these combinations of brown shades will project an image of honesty, wholesomeness, and warmth.

Brown can also be used with other colors by accessorizing with jewelry. Shades of brown clothing can be coupled with green presenting a concept of earth friendliness. Energize a brown outfit by adding soft yellows, soft oranges, or peach colors.

Other brown names: sienna, sand, wood, auburn, chestnut, cinnamon, russet, tawny, coffee, chocolate, tan, beige, taupe, terra-cotta, cocoa, copper, ecru, ginger, hazel, mahogany, oak, bronze, toast, umber, brunette.

The Color Beige

Beige is a lighter shade of brown and represents calmness, dependability and flexibility. It is a neutral color with warm undertones and a bit of coolness from white. It can be seen as plain but coupled with other colors give it flair.

How to wear beige? Often beige is use to separate two dark colors to help each stand out. A beige outfit can take on some of the elements of pink or yellow when these colors are used in jewelry. This is why beige if often referred to as a chameleon. Try using purple and pink accessories with a beige outfit to convey a conservative but feminine look. Beige and black conveys sophistication and strength; pair a sterling and black gemstone pendant with a beige outfit. Greens, brown, and oranges gives a beige outfit an earthy palette.

Other beige color words: buff, camel, tan, sand, biscuit, cream, ecru, mushroom

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