Cuprite is an oxide mineral composed of copper oxide Cu2O, and is a minor ore of copper. It is a mineral which forms as an oxidation product of copper sulfide deposits occuring in areas with copper, azurite, chrysocolla, malachite and a variety of iron oxideminerals. First described in 1845, the name Cuprite is derived from the Latin cuprum for its copper content. Cuprite is found in the Ural Mountains, Altai Mountains, Sardinia, France, Arizona, Chile, Bolivia, and Namibia. This version of Cuprite was was discovered in Northern China in a copper rich region and has visible flecks of copper as veins of green oxidized copper. This is not the traditional look of red and green Cuprite from the Arizona material. It is Earthy tones of browns and greens with teal veins and copper flecks.

Green Cuprite 4mm Round Gemstone Beads 16" strand SOLD OUT

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