Green Jewelry

The Color Green

Green is has both warming and cooling effects representing life, renewal, environment, growth, calmness, and health. On the negative side, green is jealousy and inexperience. However, the positive qualities of green far outweigh the negative. Green is strongly associated with the Irish and St. Patrick’s day. Used with red it becomes a Christmas color. Green is abundant in nature and is associated to the spring season.

How to wear green: Wearing darker shades of green clothing to work can impart of sense of strength, good health, and class. Deep green outfits look sharp with a little medium to dark shades of purple or pink adding style, creativity, and femininity to your outfit. A brighter green outfit gives a sporty and casual look something you can wear on casual Friday. Plum colored jewelry worn with the brighter green outfits can add a little sophistication. Yellow with the brighter green outfits can be very cheerful and stimulating.

Other Green color words: forest green, hunter green, seafoam, sage, olive, sap, sea green, pea green, moss, mint, lime, kelly green, jade, forest, fir, emerald, beryl, aqua, teal, pine.

Natural Serpentine Gemstone Round Sterling Pendant Green Pink

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