Pink Jewelry

The Color Pink

Pretty in pink often associated with passion, femininity, softness, and romance. Pink can be used to convey playfulness and tenderness. Pink used with darker pink and shades of purple and burgundy can add strength to this color scheme.

How to wear to work? Accessorizing with pink can look sophisticated and lively when combined with black, grey, or medium to darker shades of blue, or forest green work outfits. Pink accessories will perk up and add a feminine look to a beige outfit. Too much pink may convey playfulness and people may not take you seriously.

Some common pink name colors: blush, coral, flush, fuchsia, hot pink, raspberry, rose, salmon. Pink accessories when worn with the darker work outfits, can make you more approachable as well as adding femininity. Wear medium to dark pink accessories with a conservative darker blue outfit.

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