Purple Jewelry

The Color Purple

In nature, varying shades of purple colors are found among the delicate and precious flowers such as lavenders, orchids, lilacs, and violets flowers. The lighter shades of purples are considered more romantic and delicate. Deep or intense purples suggest riches, creativity, mystery, authority, and royalty. The color of mourning for widows in some countries is purple. The color purple has been customarily worn by people of royalty, authority, and high rank in many cultures. The color purple is used in the U.S. Military decoration, The Purple Heart, given to soldiers wounded in battle.

Purple can be used as a warm or cool color. Use purple as warm color by choosing the more redder of the purples like magenta. The bluish purples such as eggplant or plum can use to cool down a color scheme.

How to wear purple to work? Turn a conservative neutral tan or beige work outfit into an outfit that conveys creativity and a touch of mystery by adding a deep eggplant colored necklace and earring set.

Here are some common purple name colors: amethyst, eggplant, lavender, lilac, magenta, mauve, mulberry, plum, eggplant, orchid, violet, pomegranate, and wine.

Combine blue and purple in your jewelry to convey stability, calmness, and trust; purple conveys spiritual and mystical qualities.

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