Red Jewelry

The Color Red

Red is hot and a strong color that conveys opposing emotions such a passion and violence. For instance, red can be for Cupid or the devil. Red is a stimulant. When exposed to the color red for long periods studies have shown that blood pressure and respiration rate can increase.

In some cultures red denotes joy, celebration, prosperity and used to attract good luck. Red became the color of the flag in Russia during the Bolshevik conflict, thus red is can be associated with communism. Different meanings for different countries. Here in the United States red is love, Valentine’s Day, red is for Christmas, Santa Claus. Red represents power. We see red ties for work and red carpets for celebrities. Flashing red lights are used to indicate danger. Fire engine red. Red is a component of our flag and shows patriotism.

How to wear red:

Wear red when you want to grab attention, show confidence and strength. However, wear bits and pieces of red, like red earrings and a ruby ring with a navy dress suit. Red tie with a dark business suit. For jewelry, you can mix the darker reds like burgundy with golden yellow and wear this jewelry with your darker work outfits, like navy blue, dark brown, or gray. Go sparingly with jewelry that has the brighter and stronger red colors, less is more effective. Too much is overwhelming. You can wear jewelry that combines bright red with yellow or soft blue; this combo would help perk up a conservative light or dark gray suit.

Burgundy and garnet colored work outfits convey strength, sophistication and style. Burgundy and garnets are red colors mixed with browns and purples. Add some medium to dark pink jewelry to accessorize burgundy outfits to give it a little feminine appeal. Darker greens coupled with a burgundy outfit will add qualities of balance and harmony.

Other red color names:

Brick, garnet, burgundy, cinnabar, carmine, blood red, crimson, fire engine red, flame, maroon, rouge, ruby, russet, rust, scarlet, tomato.

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