Sage Amethyst

Sage Amethyst or Purple Sage is just the trade name for this agate stone named for its purple/gray color and pretty manganese dendrites. This material was discovered in the 1990's. Amethyst sage agate comes from the foothills of the Bilk Creek Mountains of Northern Nevada. Sage Amethyst is a mixture of earthtones mixed with feathery black matrix. pale purples, speckled pinks, striped creams, and shimmering blacks. The stone is actually a translucent chalcedony with dendritic inclusions. Dendrites are tree-like inclusions, and were named after the Greek word meaning tree-like. Most agates are characterized by its banding through the stone but some agates like tree moss agate and sage amethyst are not banded but instead have a "messy appearance" with filamentous growths (dendrites) within the stone which resembles moss.

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