Yellow Jewelry

The Color Yellow

Yellow is a warm color. When we see yellow we think of sunshine and summer. Yellow is hope, happiness, and cheerfulness. The color yellow is used as ribbons as a sign of hope to welcome home loved ones. Bright yellow suggests excitement, perkiness, freshness, and citrus fruitiness. Golden yellows can stand for gold.

The negative side of yellow in some cultures is regarded as cowardice and deceit. But, the many positive qualities of yellow far outweigh the negative.

How to wear yellow? Stay away for the dark yellows because it can give you an unhealthy look. Stick with the bright or pale yellows for cheerfulness. Wearing yellow can give you a cheery disposition. Use yellow in your jewelry to help perk up the more subdued blue and gray outfits. You can wear a lemon yellow and pale orange combination with a beige colored outfit to convey a healthy, summery, citrus theme. Use a combination of yellow and pale blue with a gray outfit. For an earthy theme for the fall season, mix yellow and olive green and wear it with a brown outfit.

Other yellow color names: banana, chartreuse, chiffon, golden, lemon, mellow yellow, saffron

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